Puerto Vallarta Mexico History

As for the ancient history of Puerto Vallarta, there are no records, but it has become its own. Today, one of the most famous resorts in the world and Mexico's most popular tourist destination has a rich history dating back to pre-Hispanic times.

When the modern era began, the municipality was founded in 1918 and the nearby port was renamed Puerto Vallarta. In 1918, Las Penas was officially named the municipality of the state of Jalisco and was also given the name of "Puerta de la Pena." The name was changed to "puerto Vallartas" and remained, and it was named after the well-known governor of Mexico, Juan Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Puerto Vallarta, popularly known as a tourist destination in Mexico, is also home to numerous important monuments and places. The city began to slowly settle and was named Puerto Vallarta, named after Juan Manuel Lopez Obrador, the first governor of the state of Jalisco. Today, it has a population of over 200,000 and is the second largest city in the state after Las Penas, and is ranked sixth - a large city within the state of Jalisco, behind only Guadalajara and Ciudad Juarez.

Although Puerto Vallarta has many things to do, a day trip to the Magicos Pueblos will reveal other facets of traditional Mexican culture that are fascinating and unforgettable. Whatever the weather, expect or experience during your day trips to one of them, visitors will be able to fall in love with what a Mexican really feels, attracted by the beauty, history and amazing food and drink on offer in the city.

If you want to branch off a little further into Mexico, be aware that the city is a great opportunity to travel and perhaps live here full-time. If you're looking for something new, this weekend may be the one for you, whether in Puerto Vallarta or one of Mexico's other major cities.

Much closer to Puerto Vallarta is Sayulita, home to many of the Magical Pueblos of Mexico, known for their art scene. An hour's drive from Puerto Pallarta is the historic city of Tequila, one of the largest and most famous tequila distilleries in the world. There are only a handful of places in Mexico where tequilas are legal to produce, but there are much more than just the top three.

Puerto Vallarta is an ideal choice for a Mexican vacation, it is affordable to buy, affordable to live in and it is equipped with all the modern amenities you would expect from an American resort.

Puerto Vallarta is a more random resort as it was planned by the government as a holiday destination, but it has seen massive growth in the northern part of the city, including the Marina Vallartas and Nuevo Vallarts. South of Puerto Vallarte is the most prestigious residential area, home to spectacular architecture in the midst of the jungle. You can also find beaches that look like they should be on the Playa, with the Pacific Ocean to the north and the Gulf of Mexico to the south.

Puerto Vallarta was granted access to the roads to Compostela in 1942, previously restricted to air, sea and mules. In 1942, the first road from Puerto Vallarte to the city was opened and a bridge over the river was built.

Aronaves de Mexico (Aeromexico) enjoyed a monopoly on the route to Acapulco, but in Puerto Vallarta Mexicana found the famous bay of Guerrero as its destination. In 1962, a new airport was built, and in the 1960s, in an exuberance with brokers, hoteliers and advertising campaigns, they launched the "Puerto Vallarta Mexico" advertising campaign in 1962. The Mexican airline, or "AeromeXico," enjoyed a monopoly on routes to Acapilco. In Rico, however, "Mexicanas" began offering direct flights from the airport to the city, as well as to other destinations in Mexico and the United States, such as San Luis Potosi and San Jose de Guadalajara. The Mexican air traffic control company Aeronsaves, de "Mexico" and "Aero" ("Aeromezico"), which enjoyed monopolies on routes to and from AcapsulCo, had a hard time competing with the famous Bay of Guerrero for destinations near Mexico City and other cities.

Mexicana Airlines, which closed the tourist destination of Acapulco, launched a major advertising campaign and launched the "Puerto Vallarta Mexico" advertising campaign for the new airport in the city of Rico.

Thus, on 31 May 1968, Puerto Vallarta was promoted to the category of a city and was given the financial means to build its own airport, the first of its kind in the world, and to be fully accessible by land, sea and air. One of the aspects that have shaped Puerto Pallarta's history was that the Mexican government has invested heavily in improving transportation to and from Puerto Patelarta to make it easier for tourists to reach Puerto Patelarta. Since then, it has become a major tourist destination in Mexico and a great place to learn more about Mexico's history. With the help of the advertising campaign of Mexicana Airlines and the construction of an airport and other infrastructure projects in Puerto Palomar and Puerto Rico, "Puerto Vallartas" began to become a leading tourist destination.

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More About Puerto Vallarta