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Puerto Vallarta may soon give the capital a run for its culinary crown, but travelers tend to think of food - focused trips to Mexico's most popular tourist destination. If you haven't considered this West Coast escape since your college days, or if you still equate this place with all the shots you can take, now is the time to get to know the real Puerto Vallarta. Welcome to the best Western hotel in Mexico, located in the heart of the historic city center, just a short drive from the beach. The resort is located on a picturesque beach, within walking distance of the Malecon, the centre of nightlife, and a few kilometres from the city centre.

As the name suggests, this is the neighborhood where visitors will be staying, and there are many major attractions and tourist attractions nearby. There are also many cruises departing from downtown, as well as flights from Southwest, United States and Virgin America Airlines fly direct from Puerto Vallarta to the United States. Within walking distance you will find the historic city centre, the Malecon, a popular nightlife area and many of the local restaurants and bars.

Puerto Vallarta also offers a number of car rental agencies to make longer trips possible, as well as a bus line that runs between the city center, the hotel area and the marina. Elite also runs this route, but they also offer a private bus service between the hotel and the city centre and other tourist attractions in the area.

Puerto Vallarta offers accommodations for all types of travelers, whether you are looking for boutique accommodation or a resort with all the amenities on site. Some of the hotels in Puerto Vallartas are all-inclusive accommodations, many of which offer a wide range of amenities, including a spa, fitness centre and fitness centre, as well as an outdoor swimming pool.

Although it is now a pleasure to book, we recommend the adults - only bathroom that offers access to a semi-private pool directly from the terrace as it is unique to your stay.

If your destination is a quiet and relaxing getaway, then the best place to stay in Puerto Vallarta is probably not for you. Whether you want to spend a day strolling along the Malecon, playing in the surf or visiting cultural attractions, you need to know. Even if it is your first visit or if you have been there several times, do not forget to include this destination and this experience in your holiday.

When you are in Puerto Vallarta, you should find out about your transportation options so that you can get from one destination to another as easily as possible. If you look at the cruises, you will find that a sea cruise might be the best way to travel to Puerto Pallarta.

If you're going to have a great night out, the best place to stay in Puerto Vallarta is perhaps one of the most popular hotels in the city, such as the Hotel del Mar. If you decide to stay in Puerto Pallarta, you may also be able to rent a car to discover more of the area.

For a truly local experience, Marriott Puerto Vallarta offers a Jalisco dinner for six or more people in a private room. Frutas y Flores will keep you on our list of favorite restaurants in Puerto Pallarta, and it is one of the best restaurants in town and a great place to stay with friends and family.

Top of our list of gay hotels in Puerto Vallarta, it has balconies overlooking the bay and beach, as well as a private pool and spa. Secrets of Vallarta Bay in Puerto Pallarta is a suite with spectacular views and one of the best hotels in town for gay couples.

Sheraton Buganvillas Resort and Convention Center is located just steps from the seafront and is one of the best hotels in Puerto Pallarta. The southern zone of Puerto Vallarta, including the "Puerto Vallartos Beach Hotel," is the all-inclusive beach hotel located at the southern end of the city, right next to the seafront promenade and just coming out of it. Suites are located in the nature reserve and feature a private pool and spa, as well as an outdoor pool overlooking the bay and beach.

In the north of Puerto Vallarta, the "Garza Blanca," a secluded hotel, is located a few kilometers from the city center and the beach. This magical place is located in the 4-Diamond certified AAA member Leading Hotels of the World.

If you go to San Blas, which can be reached from Mex 15 via Mex 54, take the Puerto Vallarta junction - at the end of the road, the Chico junction. The Chico is so close that it is easy to reach if you have a car and don't mind paying the expensive taxi fare. If you are interested in the beach, the marina is a good choice, although it lacks the charm of Puerto Pallarta due to its proximity to the sea.

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More About Puerto Vallarta