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Puerto Vallarta could soon give the capital a run for its culinary crown, and travelers tend to think about food - focused trips to Mexico are the only real option for a trip to the Pacific Northwest. While I didn't see it as an escape to the West Coast during my college years, and still equate it with all the shots I can take, now is the time for me to get to know the real Puerto Vallarta.

The Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, formerly known as Marriott San Juan de los Cabos Resort and Spa, is a beachfront resort close to shopping, restaurants and much more. The resort offers a variety of facilities, including a full-service restaurant, fitness center, indoor pool and floodlit tennis court, as well as a spa.

St. Regis Punta de Mita Resort is located 21.5 km from Puerto Vallarta and offers local attractions. If you are not from Puerto Vallarta itself or have not been there, you should consider this trip. The W Puntas deMita is located 14.9 miles from Rico and is considered for an excursion even if it is not located in Puerto Valle itself.

The resort's location is well within the crowded hotel walkway and you can enjoy the splendor of downtown Puerto Vallarta day and night.

It is also a great destination for a day trip to Puerto Vallarta or a weekend stay in one of the hotels in the holiday region.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure with family, friends or alone, Puerto Vallarta offers accommodations for all types of travelers, whether you are looking for boutique accommodation or a resort with all the amenities on site. The Marriott Puerto Pallarta Resort and Spa has something for everyone. Although not an all-inclusive resort, guests can book all-inclusive packages that include food and beverages. This spa includes an indoor and outdoor pool, an outdoor pool and a spa, as well as a sauna and steam room.

Couples who want to relax completely can choose this 80-room boutique hotel, which has been reinvented as an all-inclusive hotel. If you are a member of the Marriott Puerto Pallarta Resort and Spa Club, you will receive free access to the Club and Lounge.

The Ambassador Suite offers a living area and allows you to enjoy the views of the sea, the beach and the city of Puerto Vallarta from the comfort of your home. Guests can also enjoy the beautiful beaches of Puerto Pallarta without having to leave their accommodation at El Salado beach. Ambassador Hotel, one of only four hotels on the island, has 14 quiet acres of swaying palm trees and is located right on the most beautiful beach in the world, El salado beach. It is located in a quiet, quiet location, just minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so you will be totally pampered during your stay.

The hotel, which is operated under the umbrella of Marriott International, is located on its beachfront property overlooking Banderas Bay and the Pacific Ocean. On the east side of the beach, the sea promenade is accessed from the west, where there are other hotels and apartments. The Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa is located in the heart of Puerto Pallarta, just a few blocks from El Salado Beach. It has a lot of space, only about the size of a wedding, and is the perfect place if you are with your partner, family, friends or even a group of friends.

Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa features a full-service hotel, a spa and fitness center, and a private pool and spa.

The resort, recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the best hotels in the United States for its renovated lobby, pampers its 433 guests in its accommodations, who have had to behave in their accommodations over the past three years.

Speaking of children, CasaMagna Marriott offers activities and excursions nearby that allow participants of all ages to enjoy Puerto Vallartaa's beauty and abundance on land and at sea. One of the few unique experiences and features customers enjoy snorkeling at the Marriott Puerto Valleys is the unique view of Banderas Bay. Located on a sandy stretch of Bandera Bay, this family-friendly hotel has 433 rooms with ocean views and is determined to continue celebrating the cultural and cultural diversity of the Mexican state in which it is located, as well as the local culture. A touch that distinguishes the hotel is that its thoughtful, distinctive guest experiences are reconnected with local cultural touchpoints.

Each room, newly decorated with luxurious linens and modern bathrooms in Mexican colors and patterns, features a full-service spa and wellness area, as well as an outdoor pool and beach area. Sheraton Buganvilias Resort and Convention Center is the only hotel in Puerto Vallarta with its own convention center. For a family-friendly, fun-filled and romantic getaway, Marriott Puerto Valleys Resort & Spa combines pristine ocean views with the best of both worlds: a private pool, spa and fitness center with spa. Combining the luxury of the resort's luxurious amenities with the natural beauty of its pristine sea views, it is the ideal PuertoVallarta holiday for any family-friendly, fun - and romantic - getaway.

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