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When it comes to planning the perfect family holiday to Puerto Vallarta, there is no shortage of family-friendly hotels. Whether you are a family of three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine or ten people, a Puerto Valle hotel is full of activities and first-class amenities to make a pleasant holiday for families of all ages.

It's easy to redeem hotel points and stay at all - including resorts operated by Hilton, Hyatt, IHG and Wyndham Hotels for an unforgettable vacation. Here are 5 great hotels in the Caribbean and Mexico that you can book with Hyatt Points, including a few inclusive services. Save on Resorts (click here to read the link later on March 30) China nb read what guests said about TAFER Hotels & Resort Mexico in reviews and reviews from guests who stayed here.

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Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort is a great all-inclusive option for families who don't have access to a vehicle and want everything right at their fingertips. This all-inclusive resort in Mexico offers two or three-bedroom suites that can easily accommodate families of five or more, as well as a two-bedroom suite that can accommodate up to five additional families. There is even the possibility to rent a car to explore more of the area if you decide to stay in Puerto Pallarta.

There are eight resorts on the Mayan Riviera and in Cancun with a total of over 3,000 rooms, which are often one of Mexico's most popular destinations for families with children and families. These resorts are hotels and bars in Puerto Pallarta, Puerto Vallarta and other resorts in the area, such as Cabo San Lucas.

Many people like to stay - including hotels, because they offer a simple and relaxing holiday experience. If you want to plan where to lie down, where to stay on the hotel grounds and what fantastic deals are available, consider staying in an all-inclusive hotel.

The best place to stay in Puerto Vallarta is at the end of the day, when your family is ready to take a break from the resort's activities and restaurants. Just five minutes away is downtown Puerto Pallarta (Malecon), which is just five seconds away if you want to finish off the evening. If your destination is a quiet, relaxing getaway, this is probably the best thing you can do, especially if it's your first trip to Mexico.

If you want to spend the day strolling through the Malecon, surfing or cultural attractions, you need to know where to stay in Puerto Vallarta. The resort is planned around three main areas: the town centre, the beach and the resort itself.

The Crown Paradise Club offers a more relaxed atmosphere for families looking for an all-inclusive resort, with lots of fun activities for all ages. The Marriott Puerto Vallarta is located just minutes from the beach and offers plenty of space for the family. The location is great and it is a great place for a quick getaway.

The Playa Hotels and Resorts collection, which includes the Marriott Puerto Vallarta, Crown Paradise Club and several other hotels, offers guests staying at least three nights free anti-aging tests. The hotel takes the guesswork out of the on-site testing offer by offering free anti-aging tests in the hotel, spa and beach. Formerly the Holiday Inn Resort & Spa, this is a big deal when two children stay for free in a room with two paying adults.

Located at the top of downtown Vallarta, this hotel is the best place to stay if your family wants to explore the real Puerto Vallarta. The colorful charm of this neighborhood, regardless of its name, makes it one of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations and a great choice for families.

Westgate Resorts is built around the world's most popular sandal resort, the Sandals Resort in Aruba. This Sandal Resort is located on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, just off the coast of the Dominican Republic. With a certified testing center, a first-class spa and a first-class hotel, Aruna makes it easy for travelers.

The Family Suite in Barcelo Puerto Vallarta has two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and guests. The second bedroom has two single beds and the third bedroom has a king-size bed with its own bath. Velas Vallarts is located in the marina of Vallartas and offers three-room apartments for large families. Families will find a king-size bed with sofa beds and a sofa bed, as well as two double beds and a single bed with sofa.

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